Walter Beuttler
 (1904 - 1974)

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Walter Beuttler



These messages by Walter H. Beuttler were transcribed by Pearl Ray for the edification of the Body of Christ.  "The truth Beuttler shared helps prepare for a mindset of understanding the workings of the Holy Spirit, the sovereignty of God, the knowledge of God, prayer and hearing from God. A certain child-like way of looking at scripture is essential for correct interpretation. Jesus hides some truth from the wise and prudent, the arrogant, the know-it-alls, and reveals it unto babes. We trust God will give you understanding in the Holy Scriptures." 

A Call for True Laborers  

A Holy Solemnity 

Burdens into Song 

Coming Out Of the Wilderness

Dew on Roses 

Divine Guidance – by the Word of God 

Divine Guidance – Conditions

Divine Guidance – the Means 

Esther, The Power of Divine Providence 

Four Ways to Lose God’s Presence 

God Visits His People 

Gods Way to Revival 

God-Sent Laborers 

Helpless Dependence on God 

Knowing God as a Friend 

Knowing God from Habakkuk 

Knowing the Spirit 

Laws Governing the Presence 

Manifestations of the Spirit 

Meditating On the Lord 

Perils in The Wilderness 

Recognizing God’s Voice 

Responding to God’s Call 

Samuel’s Call 

Show Me Now Thy Way 

Songs in the Night 

Spiritual Warfare 

The Bread of Life 

The Call of God 

The Cost of Being a Prophet 

The Day God’s Angel Came to Amsterdam 

The Foundation Rock for Ministry 

The Holy Spirit’s Personality 

The Knowledge of God – How to Get There 

The Lord’s School of Prayer – A Son’s Prayer 

The Lord’s School of Prayer – Hypocrite & Heathen Prayers 

The Lord’s School of Prayer – Kingdom Laws 

The Lord’s School of Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer 

The Lord’s Visit 

The Lord’s Way in Adversity 

The Lord’s Way in the Wilderness 

The Rise and Fall of King Saul 

The School of the Spirit 

The Witness and Leading of the Spirit 

To Prove Thee in the Wilderness 

Waiting on the Lord 

Whom Shall I Send